ThinkParents are Powerful™ is a high-impact, interactive parent training experience that incorporates research-based best practices to help children start thinking and learning at home, and then to transfer those practices to the classroom. This training is built upon brain research and cognitive principles of thinking and learning, including socio-emotional development and learning styles. Parents are engaged in learning exercises to understand complex curriculum levels and begin to apply what they have learned to new problems and settings facing today’s kids. 

The course material, formatted in English and Spanish, is written in concise language for easy retention and comprehension, and is supported with a bag of learning tricks including games, ideas, challenges and activities to engage their kids and foster an enthusiastic spirit of learning in the most effective, efficient way. The Foundation’s goal is to refocus the role of parents of ELL and at-risk minority students as it relates to the instructional design, teaching/learning processes and site-based operations to effect positive and measurable support and improvement in language proficiency, academic performance and work force readiness among their children.

Think-Parents are Powerful™ Participants Will Learn:

  • How their kids’ brains work at each stage of development
  • How to focus and mediate their kids’ thinking processes
  • How to use Think-frames™, a mental organizer tool, to help their kids sort and re-sort information for greater productivity
  • How to be an efficient homework helper
  • How to ask the right questions to stimulate dialogue, enthusiasm and interest
  • Practical coaching tips in thinking and reading with their kids
  • Practical tips to make school and home connections
  • What foods play an important role in thinking skills and physical development
  • How to work effectively in school classrooms all year long

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