Think-parents Are Powerful and Think-parents Homework Helper

Is Your Child Ready for the Future?

Our kids are growing up in an unprecedented age of information technology, with the Internet, Google, iPods, Twitter, Facebook and other media all delivering a constant flow of new information faster than it can be processed.

Because it can be easy for a child to become discouraged, busy parents — now more than ever — need up-to-date information, skills and tools to help their kids stay connected and on track with learning processes.

How you help your kids today will play a very large part in their chances for becoming the successful workers and outstanding citizens of tomorrow.

Think and Learn

What is Your Strategy?

Savvy parents need to stay one jump ahead of the curve to ensure their kids are on the right track and using that access to information in the most helpful, efficient ways.

We Have Solutions!

To help get you started on the road to being a good learning coach, the Foundation offers three programs that will foster a powerful bond between you and your kids, and between your kids and the love of learning.

Think-parents are Powerful™
Think-parents Homeworkhelper™
Think-parents Entrepreneurs™

Each program’s approach is unique, but all embrace the essential skills that help leverage your efforts with:

  • Homework – Math – Literacy – Science – Questioning – Reading
  • Strategies that bridge school to home.

Our Foundation Can Guide You in Understanding:

  • How nutrition powers your child’s ability to think and learn.
  • How your child’s brain works.
  • How to develop the best strategies to get homework done.
  • How to focus and mediate your child’s thinking processes.
  • How to use strategies that help your child sort, re-sort, organize, analyze and evaluate information.
  • How to prepare your child for the future.

Equipped with the right strategies and skills, parents can begin to help their kids become better thinkers by coaching them in how-to-think learning.  The rewards are life-long, the possibilities are endless!

Let’s Work Together!

Our one-of-a-kind, hands-on training is a perfect introduction to help parents create a supportive environment that enhances feelings of confidence and self-worth within their child, and strengthen family bonds through the enjoyment of discovery and learning together.

Our Foundation looks forward to working with you as we sharpen your learning coach skills and move your kids toward a bright future.

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