Let’s Think-Kids™ is a researched based and evidence based comprehension builder!  This brain-based model for expanding thinking and learning skills focuses on developing kids’ process capacities and systems for thinking and reading, using 24 non-fictional themes.  It incorporates high interest themes and provides the thinking process tools to gather, sort, organize, analyze and evaluate information.  Kids create a great product through this research study skill seminar by learning how to:

  • Sort and select a non-fiction theme and topic;
  • Gather and analyze information;
  • Develop and follow a plan;
  • Expand language and thinking through question strategies;
  • Analyze and elaborate information;
  • Compose, revise and edit;
  • Complete a research product.

Let’s Think-kids also includes a literacy library for ages 4-8 entitled The Let’s Think-kids Book Collection. This 20-title collection is in English and Spanish.  The words match the 24 key Think-words from the program and the award-winning illustrations and stories are critical not to just learning how-to read, but reading-to-learn.  It helps kids think about thinking!  Our literacy program is not just about developing thinking and comprehension but about reading and literacy skills with learning cards complete with kidtionaries™ and kidconnections™ to develop word work.  All activities are keenly matched and aligned with standards in reading and writing and language arts. 


Think-campreneur™:  An Entrepreneur’s Camp for Let’s Think-kids   Kids come to Think-campreneur to build confidence and learn the elements of setting up their own business. They decide upon a product to sell, and develop plans to make and sell their product.  While establishing their business, Think-campreneurs learn elements of banking that include earning, depositing, saving and budgeting their camp money (called “clams”).  The camp provides many hands-on opportunities that bridge adding, subtracting, and placing value by using a calculator to keep track of clams.  They learn to use computers to develop their web sites for their business.  This is a perfect way to motivate thinking and learning about marketing, financial and economic issues while still having fun.

Thinkpreneur™: An Entrepreneurial Training in how to get paid to think!  Thinkpreneur is a workforce training program for parents!  Based on the U.S. Labor Department Scans Report and the critical skills needed in the workforce, Thinkpreneur trains parents and young adults how to become knowledgeable in workforce readiness skills for the 21st century.eded for the best thinking outcomes.

Let’s Think-kids® parent homeworkhelper™ mathpac program: A powerful thinking and math training program for parents of today’s kids®!  This newly developed parent program is an extension of the Think-parents are powerful® program.  It focuses on parents’ homework coaching skills in math and helps them become better coaches.  It helps their kids stay focused on math skills, computation, process and thinking! Once parents can coach their children in learning how-to think in math, the possibilities are endless!  This one of a kind program includes:

  • Easy to follow homework coaching cards by the day with a complete 30 minute menu for each day of the week! All activities are carefully matched to the state and national math standards!
  • A backpack full of games, hands-on pattern pieces, counting chips, and other great manipulatives!
  • Think-math™ word cards with description of the most important tested math concepts…easy to understand …complete with a model and activity to help each kid grasp the concepts! All activities are matched to the standards.
  • A complete Let’s Think-kids® American Clam Bank pouch full of clams, a checkbook, deposit slips and a calculator!

For more information on how you can bring any of these programs to your organization, school, or school district, just reach out to us with the adjacent form, or call us at (301) 575-4428.

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