All Kids Can Be Critical and Creative Thinkers, Readers and Writers

Let's Think Kids Foundation

Let’s Think-Kids™ Foundation, Inc., is a national educational nonprofit organization focused on serving English Language Learners (ELL) and at-risk minority youth and their families. Through partnerships with schools and school districts, our goal is to improve academic achievement that begins with professional development and parent training, and extends to helping students develop critical thinking skills, become creative thinkers and excel as readers and writers.

Our mission

Our mission is to promote and create school improvement and academic achievement through professional development to train teachers, parents and kids in the best practices of thinking and learning. We will utilize innovative partnerships with low performing schools, the communities in which these schools exist and the families of those students to assist kids in becoming critical and creative thinkers, readers and writers.

Our Philosophy

We believe that the brain is built for thinking, learning and digesting information. Our job is not just to feed the mind but to help it digest and think better. We need to build on the natural features of how the brain sorts, organizes, analyzes and evaluates information in any language. All of our programs and services are built upon this philosophy.

Our Programs

Let’s Think-Kids™ Foundation, Inc. has been a leader in innovative solutions to education reform for more than 20 years. Our highly effective programs and products are structured to help teachers, parents and kids maximize and enrich the learning experience in a fun and supportive environment.


 Helps parents learn critical work force skills needed to become 21st century thinkers and entrepreneurs.

Think-Coach Leadership Academy™

Helps teachers maximize thinking and learning strategies through our research-based approach. Your School District can learn how to implement the Think & Learn model!

Think-Parents Homeworkhelper™

Helps parents coach their kids through math skills, computation and problem-solving

Think-Campreneur™ An Entrepreneur’s Camp for Kids

 Helps kids retain thinking, math, technology and literacy skills by building a business in a summer camp environment.

Think-Parents are Powerful™

Helps parents coach their kids in how-to think, how-to read and how-to learn.

Let’s Think-Write™

Helps kids develop non-fiction writing skills through project-based learning.

See Us in Action

Dallas ABC Affiliate Covered Think-Kids Campreneur

Laredo School District Parent Involvement Conference


Engaging Hispanic Families for ELL Success Using Brain-Based Learning

Designed for school administrators, Title I Parent coordinators and teachers, ¡Andamio! establishes a novel approach for parent engagement. Dr. Susan F. Tierno’s “boots on the ground” breakthrough book is a template for creating engagement through brain-based learning trainings, specifically, in Hispanic districts and schools.

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